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For those who are suffering with an alcohol or drug addiction problem, it may seem as if there are no options, that the addiction has taken over and there is no hope. At Boston Drug Treatment Centers, we know that recovery is possible and that you can overcome that addiction. Addiction does not care what job you have, how much money you have, whether you are male or female, or what race you are. It is a disease of the brain, and it does not discriminate. One common misbelief is that addiction only occurs with illegal substances, but the fact is that alcohol, cigarettes and prescription drugs may also lead to addictions. It is not a matter of willpower or a lack of moral principles that lead someone into the world of addiction. In fact, addiction is a highly complex problem that actually affects the brain. But, there is hope. Boston Drug Treatment, using the latest in scientific advances to treat drug and alcohol abuse, have seen many people successfully treated who go on to live happy, healthy lives.

The Stigma of Addiction

Despite the fact that medical professionals have known for a while that addiction is a disease, there is still a stigma attached to those who seek help in dealing with it. Drug Treatment Centers in Boston treat the addiction like the disease that it is, never attaching stigma to those who seek assistance. We know that the common view of drug and alcohol abuse is often detrimental as many addicts avoid seeking help in an effort to hide their problem. It is critical to remember that addiction is a disease, much like cancer, which requires a specific type of treatment in order for the patient to survive. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is very much the same as there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for treating addicts, nor is the process always simple. There are often underlying reasons for a person to turn to drugs or alcohol, and the key to success is determining what those underlying factors are in order to address the addiction problem.

Alcohol Rehab Boston

Alcohol abuse is probably one of the most misunderstood of all addictions, and it is also one of the most undertreated types of addictions, especially among women. For those of legal drinking age, alcohol is one of the easiest drugs to purchase. There is no need to go sneaking into back alleys or finding a “dealer” on the street to indulge in an alcohol habit. However, alcohol abuse is just as devastating as other forms of addiction, leading to the breakdown of families, high divorce rates, arrests for drunk driving and health issues that can eventually become fatal. Individuals often deny that they are abusing alcohol, resisting treatment sometimes until they are forced into recovery by court action or other drastic means. However, such action is not necessary when alcohol treatment is readily available. At Drug Rehab Center Boston MA, we work not only with the addict, but with the family who is also struggling with their love one’s addiction. We use proven techniques that help the alcohol abuser get sober and provide them with the tools they need to remain that way.

Drug Rehab Centers Boston

Entering rehab is probably one of the most difficult things any addict chooses to do, but at Boston Drug Detox Centers, we work to make the process as painless and simple as possible. We understand that by entering a drug rehab facility, the addict has made a crucial decision in their recovery process, which is why we try to answer all questions honestly and up front so that there are no surprises during treatment. We understand that there may be underlying reasons why someone chooses to enter a life of addiction, and we work to provide the necessary tools for the addict to deal with those underlying problems without the use of substances.



Surviving as a recovering addict in a city where bars are as common as Dunkin’ Donuts. Boston MA

August 27, 2014
Whether you are in recovery from alcohol addiction or simply…

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All initial assessments are Free.To Schedule an appointment please call (617) 517-6448, or fill out the easy contact form to be contacted by one of our Boston Drug Treatment specialists.