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What is Suboxone Withdrawal Like?

Learn about the Suboxone withdrawal symptoms...   Suboxone withdrawal symptoms can be equally as severe as detoxing from heroin or other opiate drugs. However, with the right rehab treatment it's possible to avoid the worst of any symptoms associated with the Suboxone withdrawal process. What ... Read More

Is Depression Related to Substance Abuse?

How to Handle Depression Related To Substance Abuse...   According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), there is a strong link between depression and substance abuse. How is depression related to substance abuse? Each condition will exacerbate the issues of the other. T... Read More

How Addictive is Tramadol?

Answering the Question, "How Addictive is Tramadol?"...   How addictive is tramadol? Tramadol is marketed as Ultram. It is an opioid analgesic (painkiller) that is prescribed to treat severe and moderate pain. Tramadol is considered a safer alternative to other drugs in this category such as h... Read More

Opium Addiction Facts

Learn about opium addiction and opiate addict behavior so you can detect when a loved one needs help....   The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) lists opium as a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Most opioids are Schedule II, III, IV or V drugs. Opium is a highly addict... Read More

Boston Medical Detox

Boston Medical Detox Programs and Benefits...   In 2010, a study done by the National Institute on Drug Use found that almost twenty two million five hundred thousand Americans were in need of some form of substance abuse treatment. Meanwhile, in Boston specifically, there has been a substanti... Read More

Boston Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Why are Boston Drug Rehab Treatment Centers necessary? There's nothing nebulous about the effects that drug addiction is having on residents in the city of Boston. In the last ten years, opioid related deaths have reportedly skyrocketed with approximately two drug overdose fatalities occurring daily... Read More

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Learn about the best heroin addiction treatments available in your area...   Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy plants. It is typically sold as a white or brownish powder... Read More

Boston Flakka Drug Rehab

Similar in makeup to synthetic drugs like bath salts, flakka produces what has been referred to as a "hulk-like" rage in people who take it. Due to its unpredictable nature and the health risks associated with it, flakka is on the American radar as one of the latest synthetic drugs that is leading t... Read More

Boston Intervention and Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex and challenging problem and having a loved one with drug or alcohol dependence can be extremely painful and heartbreaking. One of the most frustrating aspects is the denial common to addicts that there is a problem or that they need help. In these cases Boston intervention and... Read More

Boston Heroin Overdose Rehab

Heroin has always been considered one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet, but in recent years heroin overdose rates have been rising rapidly. These heroin overdose rates are rising throughout the country, in large cities and small towns and in rural areas as well. Heroin abuse and addiction c... Read More

Boston Addiction Aftercare Programs

Addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing management to prevent relapse, just like any disease would require. Boston addiction aftercare programs can provide critical aspects of treatment to help patients deal with the inevitable cravings that occur after they have completed their rehab p... Read More

Opiate Overdoses in Boston on the Rise

Opiate overdoses in Boston have increased dramatically in the past year, with more than 300 people dying from them in the first three months of this year. The nephew of University of Massachusetts president Martin Meehan died of an opioid overdose in August. He was 30 years old. Last year, more than... Read More

Surviving as a Recovering Addict

Whether you are in recovery from alcohol addiction or simply trying to control your intake it can be difficult in a city where one of the top hobbies is drinking at the local bar. Boston is rated highest in country in terms of drinking statistics, meaning that individuals in Boston generally drink m... Read More

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