Boston Addiction Aftercare Programs

Addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing management to prevent relapse, just like any disease would require. Boston addiction aftercare programs can provide critical aspects of treatment to help patients deal with the inevitable cravings that occur after they have completed their rehab program and returned to their normal lives. Addition aftercare can take a number of different forms that can be tailored to the needs of the individual.

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Statistics on Aftercare

Studies show that relapse is common after addiction treatment. As many as 60 to 90 percent of patients will relapse after their treatment program is over and they have returned to their normal lives. Those who attend aftercare treatment are able to remain clean and sober for a longer period of time than those who do not attend these addiction aftercare programs in Boston. The support provided by addiction aftercare programs is critical in helping patients deal with the cravings of addiction.

The Power of Sober Living

Going directly from rehab to the street is often a very bad idea. That is why so many rehab centers incorporate sober living into the services they offer. Instead of sending former addicts directly home after rehab, the treatment centers send them to a sober living facility instead.

The staff at sober living facilities can spot the early warning signs of a relapse and monitor clients to give them the coping skills they will need in the outside world. Even if your rehab center does not provide direct access, a short stay at one of the qualified sober living facilities can provide you with very powerful tools for maintaining long-term sobriety.

Different Therapies

An addiction or a mental disorder can be challenging enough on its own; managing both together can be truly difficult for patients. The best rehabs, then, offer patients a vast range of aftercare choices to help them rebuild. From art therapy and family therapy to step-down care that helps patients take baby steps back into real life and employment assistance, these aftercare services can spell the difference between relapse and long-term success.

Boston alcohol detox centers can help you discover which addiction programs may be the most beneficial to assist you in achieving recovery. You can also visit your local Narcotics Anonymous ( to share your story and get more support.

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