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December 7, 2020
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December 7, 2020
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Boston ASAP

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Quality outpatient rehab in Downtown Boston

Contact Details

Number: +1(617) 482-5292


Address: 25 Kingston Street, 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02111

About Boston ASAP

Boston Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs, better known as Boston ASAP, is a licensed mental health clinic located at 25 Kingston Street in Boston, MA. Among its most sought-after services is outpatient alcohol, drug, and gambling treatment and rehabilitation. The facility is duly licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Located in the historic Downtown Boston district, Boston ASAP is within easy access of most of Massachusetts. This makes the place a popular option for out-of-towners seeking treatment in Boston. The facility is also popular with local authorities as a venue for mandatory DUI education.

Outpatient services at Boston ASAP

Boston ASAP uses a multidisciplinary approach for treating substance use disorders and other psychiatric issues. Apart from standard cognitive-behavioral and dialectical-behavioral therapy approaches, individual, family, and couple’s therapy is also available for substance use disorder and other co-occurring conditions.

The facility also hosts Driver Alcohol Education (DAE) sessions for DUI offenders. The typical program involves at least a 90-minute interview and 16 weekly group sessions as well as a few mandatory forums. This service is popular with Massachusetts and Boston authorities. Boston ASAP also has programs aimed at repeat offenders and for those with out-of-state DUI cases as well.

Who is Boston ASAP for?

Boston ASAP is an excellent choice for dual diagnosis rehabilitation, as the clinic’s staff can directly address other mental health issues as well, which is not always possi