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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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Serving Boston’s youth since the late 1960s

Contact Details

Number: +1(617) 423-9575

Website: http://www.bridgeotw.org/

Address: 47 West Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02111

About Bridge Over Troubled Waters Inc.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Bridge Over Troubled Waters provides temporary housing as well as innovative, evidence-based counseling and therapy services for young people. While not specifically a substance rehab and treatment center, Bridge Over Troubled Waters has, in the course of its mission, gained considerable experience in addressing the needs of down-and-out youth with respect to drug and alcohol misuse.

Who is Bridge Over Troubled Waters For?

Bridge Over Troubled Waters was a pioneer in transitional living homes for minors in America, being one of nine in the entire country in the early 1980s. Today, the group still primarily focuses on children and teens, though recently it has acquired Liberty House, a sober living facility for young adults aged up to 24. They also have programs for young parents and up to two of their children.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters is focused on helping high-risk youth in Boston find a means to self-sufficiency and a life of meaning. It has mostly stayed focused on helping this very specific group of people. Minors may stay in the transitional facilities for up to 72 hours without parental permission.

Services offered for substance use disorder

While not a rehab center specifically, Bridge Over Troubled Waters does provide resources to help clients recover from substance use disorders and more.

While it does offer counseling and therapy, it is mainly a safe space where homeless youth can get temporary accommodations, have a hot meal, take a shower for a nominal fee, or for free. Bridge over Troubled Waters also provides emerg