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Casa Esperanza Inc.

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Specialized Addiction Care for Massachusetts’s Latino Community

Contact Details

Number: +1(617) 445-1123


Address: 291 Eustis Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02119

About Casa Esperanza Inc

Casa Esperanza Inc. is a drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility that is situated at 291 Eustis Street in Boston, Massachusetts. For decades, it has focused on serving the Greater Boston Area’s Latino population. The counselors, treatment specialists at the facility are uniquely focused on issues facing the community. Over the years, the Casa Esperanza has developed a reputation for delivering conscientious and effective treatment for Latinos with substance use disorders.

Services offered at Casa Esperanza

Casa Esperanza offers a wide array of evidence-based treatments and programs. They run uniquely-focused inpatient withdrawal management programs for drugs and alcohol, inpatient substance rehab facilities, and almost 40 sober living houses for long-term recovery. They serve men, women, and children of all ages, including those with co-occurring psychiatric disorders, HIV/AIDS, housing issues, and more. Notably, they also serve people re-entering from incarceration as well as people without secure housing.

Casa Esperanza works closely with other non-profits and government agencies, the courts, corrections services, and other stakeholders in the Latino community to deliver a wide array of proven conventional substance use disorder rehab services.

Some patients at Casa Esperanza may receive treatment free of charge. Patients with an income of $300/month or more are expected to pay 30% of their net income to help cover the cost of room and board and treatment services.

What makes Casa Esperanza unique?

In contrast to many other rehab and treatment groups with similar goals, Casa Esperanza Inc offers thoroughly professional, evidence-based service with a very specific