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December 7, 2020
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December 7, 2020
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The Gavin Foundation

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Offering residential substance treatment since 1963

Contact Details

Number: +1(617) 268-5000


Address: 210 Old Colony Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02127

About the Gavin Foundation

The Gavin Foundation is a non-profit group that operates several substance rehab programs in Boston. It also operates a number of community outreach, prevention, and collaboration programs throughout the Greater Boston area.

The foundation was started in 1963 as a way for high-risk probationers to receive treatment. Today, the foundation’s many programs provide critical care and preventative services to people from all walks of life.

What rehab programs does the Gavin Foundation run?
The Gavin Foundation runs Charlestown Recovery House, Gavin House, and Hamilton House, residential treatment facilities and transitional homes that serve the needs of adult men recovering from substance use disorder. It also runs Cushing House, a facility that specifically addresses the needs of young men and women. Lastly, it runs The Graduate Centers, which is a program alumni program that aims to provide long-term continuing care for individuals that have completed the other programs.

The foundation also either runs or has close ties to other programs that provide emergency medical detox, Access to Recovery (ATR) services, transitional housing, intensive residential services, and many others. It also runs programs that provide preventative and educational services for underserved communities throughout Boston.

Who does the Gavin Foundation serve?

The Gavin Foundation’s programs serve different segments of society throughout Massachusetts. While most of its programs currently address the needs of adult males with substance use disorder, it runs and has ties with a number of other different programs and