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Boston Comprehensive Treatment Center (Habit OPCO)
December 7, 2020
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December 7, 2020
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Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc.

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Building independence, one human at a time

Contact Details

Number: 781-894-6110


Address: 50 Prospect St., Suite 3, Waltham, MA 02453

About Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc.

The Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc. (MHSA) is a nonprofit group that operates rehab centers and transition homes in Massachusetts, with facilities mostly located in and around the Boston Metro. Its drug treatment and rehab centers in Boston primarily house long-term rehab programs. It also runs shelters for families and individuals and also runs feeding programs and a mobile market.

Starting out in 1977 as an alcohol detox and rehab center, MHSA has since grown and taken on a much more holistic approach to curbing substance misuse. Its programs are designed not only to help individuals recover and stay clean, but also to help set them up for success on their own terms.

The main mission of MHSA is to empower less-privileged people and give them the independence they need to be productive. Their motto, “building independence, one human at a time”, reinforces this. As part of this mission, it operates four facilities to address issues related to substance use disorder: Answer House, Sullivan House, Hurley House, and Middlesex DUIL.

What services does MHSA offer?

MHSA primarily offers long-term residential rehab, short-term intensive residential rehab, counseling, and transitional housing. They give evidence-based clinical support to people attending their transitional programs, but they generally do not offer treatment on an outpatient basis.

It also makes the education of residents at their programs a priority, with the end goal of producing independent, productive members of society. Many of the experienced residents in MHSA’s programs also participate in helping guide other