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Rehabilitation & Health, Inc.

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Helping Boston’s less fortunate since 1968

Contact Details

Number+1(617) 569-2089

Website: www.guidestar.org/profile/04-2496835

Address: 52 White St, Boston, MA 02128

About Rehabilitation & Health, Inc.

Rehabilitation & Health, Inc. (East Boston Rehab – EBR) is a Boston-based substance rehab facility. It was founded in 1968 and licensed in late 1970. Originally, the mission of Rehabilitation & Health was to provide shelter and housing to Boston’s homeless, especially those affected by alcohol misuse.

Since then, the groups’ aims have expanded heavily to serve people with other substance use disorders, as well as individuals with dual diagnosis. Rehabilitation & Health, Inc. also serves people who have been incarcerated as well as those on parole.

Today, it works closely with law enforcement, the court system, and a number of charitable institutions and businesses to better fulfill its mission.

Personalized substance rehab and transitional housing

Rehabilitation & Health, Inc. operates residential rehab centers and transitional homes for adult males. Both programs aim to deliver community-based treatment on a 24/7 basis.

Evidence-based treatments form the foundation of the approaches used by Rehabilitation & Health at all their facilities and programs. A variety of techniques are used and matched with individual program participants to ensure an effective and sustainable recovery for all who enter.

Who is Rehabilitation & Health, Inc. for?

The group focuses on delivering quality rehab and treatment services to adult males, especially the homeless as well as people who have been in trouble with the law. It is one of a few rehab groups in Massachusetts willing to take in recidivists and ex-offenders with mental health issues. As a result, it has built a close relationship with law enforcement agencies and