Surviving as a Recovering Addict

Whether you are in recovery from alcohol addiction or simply trying to control your intake it can be difficult in a city where one of the top hobbies is drinking at the local bar. Boston is rated highest in country in terms of drinking statistics, meaning that individuals in Boston generally drink more than individuals in any other state. Binge drinking and alcohol abuse are not hard to come by, with college students and sports fans often celebrating at numerous nearby bars. 20% of the Boston population admitted to partaking in binge drinking and having more than 15 drinks a month. There are a slew of health risks associated to binge drinking and alcohol abuse, but they can be prevented or treated with the help of one of the qualified Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers Boston offers. Call today (617) 517-6448 for more information.

With 108 alcohol related, driving fatalities last year in Boston and nearly 12,000 or more arrests due to alcohol it is easy to assume that there is no shortage of liquor in the area. For someone who is recovering from alcohol addiction this can purpose a lot of temptation and make sobriety difficult. Finding support groups and treatment centers that can provide the needed recovery tools is very important to sobriety. Self-motivation is also a large part of maintaining recovery.

In recovery centers, patients learn behaviors that can help them avoid temptation or learn what triggers them so they are aware of avoiding it. But how can one avoid seeing alcohol when there is a bar on every corner? Finding people who share your interests and goals so you have someone to relate to can help you participate in non-drinking activities. When you attend one of the Alcoholism Treatment Centers Boston offers, you will participate in group therapy where patients have the opportunity to share stories with other recovering addicts. This sharing opportunity can help you find support from people who are on the same recovery journey. Keeping in contact with those you meet in drug and alcohol rehab can be a motivator and means of support after treatment. Staying in contact with a counselor that was particularly helpful can provide additional support for your sobriety.

Recovery from addiction is all about replacing old negative behaviors with new positive ones, and alcohol recovery centers can help with that. Staying away from places where alcohol abuse and misuse are likely to occur is a big factor. Sign up for activities that interest you or that you have never done before such as a book club, volunteering in a shelter, art classes, or an animal care facility. When you encounter places or people that threaten to trigger a relapse, keep in mind you can always call your sponsor or a friend.

For more information about how entering one of the Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers Boston offers can help prevent relapse and give you the tools to avoid giving into substance abuse, call (617) 517-6448 today.

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