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December 7, 2020
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Interim House

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A Humanistic “Tough Love” Approach to Rehab

Contact Details

Number: +1(617) 265-2636

Website: https://www.housingworks.net/program/3464

Address: 62 Waldeck St., Boston, MA

About Interim House

As the name suggests, Interim House is a transitional home and rehab facility in Greater Boston. Located in a residential area at 62 Waldeck St, Boston, the facility provides recovering individuals with a quiet yet accessible environment for recovery.

As with other transitional homes intended for people with opioid use disorder, Interim House aims to provide a structured environment from which residents could recover, The facility also helps residents find stable employment and teaches the skills necessary for them to become independent and productive.

What makes Interim House unique?

The facility chiefly employs a humanistic “tough love” approach to help people with substance use disorders find responsibility in their recovery. The dignity and the agency of the individual are paramount to the approach taken by Interim House and distinguish it from many other transitional homes.

While Interim House can take in most people with substance use disorder, today it chiefly treats people with opioid use issues. It also offers opioid maintenance and emergency treatments for individuals that need these services.

To serve more people in the community, Interim House also offers a sliding scale fee as well as payment assistance. They also accept clients referred to by the criminal justice system. The facility also accepts people with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Who is Interim House for?

The facility accepts adult men and women that have previously completed a rehab program. Interim House is primarily a transitional home, that is, a facility that helps people who have completed rehab programs to continue their recovery. The home is a good fit for individuals that have committed to their continued recovery.

Interim House is not necessarily a good fit for all recovering individuals due to its approach. Be sure to contact them be