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Similar in makeup to synthetic drugs like bath salts, flakka produces what has been referred to as a "hulk-like" rage in people who take it. Due to its unpredictable nature and the health risks associated with it, flakka is on the American radar as one of the latest synthetic drugs that is leading to increases in emergency room visits due to overdose. Boston flakka drug rehab centers are dedicated to helping combat the recent epidemic.

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What is Flakka?

Sometimes called "gravel" because of its resemblance to aquarium gravel, flakka is a synthetic drug that causes users to hallucinate and act in a dangerous or even violent manner. A stimulant, flakka is taken for its emotion-enhancing properties. Some users have compared its effects to those produced by cocaine. Flakka may be smoked, snorted, swallowed, or injected. It has dangerously gotten around laws by being sold as bath salts. Its label (not suitable for human consumption) has allowed it to get around many laws. While the drug has been banned, the danger is that it continues to be manufactured using synthetic chemicals that have not yet been banned.

The Dangers of Flakka

Because flakka contains powerful and unpredictable chemicals, the slightest increase in dose can lead to death. Emergency rooms have witnessed an increase in flakka overdose cases. Since it is a new drug on the scene, researchers still do not understand all of its effects-- and certainly not its long-term effects. Some of the people who have overdosed on this drug now require dialysis and may continue to need dialysis for the rest of their lives. Researchers have also learned that flakka doesn't simply affect neurons; because it affects the neurological functions of the brain longer than cocaine, it kills them. The physical and mental effects of this drug appear to be highly dangerous and have the potential to be permanent.


If you or a loved one are struggling with flakka abuse or addiction, it's vital to enter a treatment program today. A highly volatile and dangerous drug, flakka can cause permanent and even deadly effects after a single dose. Addiction treatment can help end dependence on flakka leading to a sober and healthier life.

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