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December 1, 2020
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Victory Programs Inc.

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Substance use treatment with an advocacy

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Number: 617-541-0222


Address (Administrative): 965 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

About Victory Programs

Victory Programs Inc. is a collection of affiliated substance use recovery and mental health programs based in the Greater Boston Area. It has been serving the region for over 40 years, focusing on women and children, groups that have been underserved in terms of access to psychiatric care. However, the doors of this facility are open to all who need care for substance use disorder.

Victory Programs has values based on Christianity but also employs evidence-based treatments at its different facilities. Since the AIDS pandemic in the 1980s, the group has been active in reaching out to those affected by HIV/AIDS, of which there is a significant overlap with those affected by substance use disorders.

What makes Victory Programs special?

Victory Programs has long had a history of advocating for the special needs of the less fortunate. As mentioned earlier, it is active in raising awareness for HIV/AIDS. However, it is also a strong advocate against laws that punish the homeless and exacerbate the substance use issues that are pervasive in that population.

They also have an urban farming program that helps provide food sufficiency and purpose for the communities they serve, which in turn helps prevent many from falling into a pattern of substance misuse. The group also s advocates for mental health, wellness, and education, all of which are important for improving the long-term success of rehab programs in the area, including those run by other organizations.

Find help at Victory Programs today

Victory Programs offers a comprehensive selection of options for treating substance use disorders. It also addresses many of the issues associated with the illness in Boston.

The time to get help is now. Contact Victory Programs Inc. by visiting today and l